Terms and Conditions

*Strictly by appointment ONLY 
*Weekend Collections - Thursday between 14h00 and 16h00 OR Friday between 9h00 and 11h00 
*Weekend Returns - Monday or if public holiday the first work day thereafter - between 9h00 and 11h00 
*We are not open on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays

*We close 11h00 on a Friday 


You can view our props on Dazzling Props
* The props/décor is only booked when you have checked out and paid the full amount via the online show.
* We cannot accept responsibility if props/décor is no longer available if the full amount was not paid.
* The full amount must be paid before the props/décor can be taken or delivered.
Note the refundable deposit of R500 is due when you collect or we deliver the props. 

10% Surcharge will be deducted from any EFT Breakage Deposit received.

It can take up to 4 Days to refund the breakage deposit.  


Dazzling Props
Savings Account
Account Number - 159 878 2302
Branch 470010
Reference: Name and Order Number

*Customer is responsible for any bank charges due to direct cash deposits
* Please SMS, What’s app or Email a copy of ID and Proof of Residence before you can collect or we deliver the props. 
* Please note: By Depositing the money into Dazzling Props via our Online shop, cash or direct transfer account you accept the Terms & Conditions of Dazzling Props to Hire"



We do maintain the props on a regular basis. Keep in mind that these props may not be brand new. Therefore, there might be some minor dents, scratches, chips. Please mark anything that you notice when you collect/delivered the props, and you will not be held responsible for the damages. 
*We only accept online bookings. No monies can be transferred directly into our account as the props will not be reserved if payment was not received via Payfast. It will create double bookings.  We cannot be held responsible for monies transfrerd to our account and the props are not available. No bookings will be altered via email or any other means of communication. The previous booking will be cancelled on you request in order for you to place a new booking. We cannot be held responsible if the props are no longer available.  
*Please note that we supply the Props we're not party or event planners.
*Most of the Props is handmade so it's absolutely UNIQUE & EXCLUSIVE
*All sweets & cakes are excluded from décor - pictures used only for presentation.
*You can request the sizes of items if it does not reflect on the Dimension tab on our online shop. 
We cannot be held responsible if items are too small or as big as what was expected.
*The customer/lessee will be responsible for all speeding fines when hiring the trailer.
*The Client is responsible for any damages or losses.
*Any extras will be charged for accordingly
*We will not render services until the full amount charged has been paid in full.
*We will only render services that have been paid for, and will charge for extras if needed.

*Our contract is with the Person or Company that placed the order. We cannot be held responsible if there is a third party involved and the props are not what they had in mind, style, colour, theme etc. 

Kindly note that we are not open on Weekends and Public Holidays. You can collect the Friday and Return the Monday at no extra Cost (Excluding Shopping Centres and School Concerts)

Displays, Shopping Centres and School Concerts pay full price for the first day/use and 50% per day/use thereafter. 

You pay half Price for Rehearsels if you need it seperate days from the collection and return dates.  


Please do not make any payments should you have any questions pertaining to our conditions. Any payments received means that you have understood and agreed to our working terms.
*Prices are subject to increase without any prior notice.
*NB! Please send me a copy of your ID and proof of residence as soon as payment has been made
*Full payment has to be paid on any new props to be made before the commencement of the project.
*No stock will be booked/reserved unless the Full payment has been received.
*ALL orders need to be placed with a deposit and all orders cancelled will forfeit all monies paid.
*We cannot be held responsible if the props/décor is no longer available if the Full amount was not paid.


*We do not accept any cancellation once payments has been received as the props was booked and reserved specially for you as per our Terms & conditions.
*No items can be removed once payment has been done. However, you can choose something else for the same value to replace the item. 

*NO REFUNDS will be made. However Dazzling Props can give you a credit in certain circumstances. The credit will be valid 30 days and the credit will only apply to props that are available. 


*A breakage fee is required
*Kindly bring the refundable deposit (or give in the case of delivery) R500 in cash to ensure refunds are done.
*We will deduct a surcharge of 10% for any EFT Refunds (electronic transfer) refunds.
*The amount will be refunded electronically within 3 days if there are no damages after returning the Props and if it is returned on time and clean.
*Any Damages Payments that is more than the breakage deposit we recieved, in addition to the above sums, if any payment is not made by the due date (30 days from issue date), shall be interest added in an amount equal to 2,5% of the payment due for each day after the date due through and including the date paid.

You will be held responsible for any legal fees to recover the costs. 

*You can COLLECT Friday between 9h00 and 11h00 fot the weekend bookings.
* You must RETURN on Monday between 8h00 and 11h00. There is a late fee of R300 of any props returned after 11h00.
*All Props / Décor can be collected in Alberton as per arrangement if you selected the pick up option.
*Address 74 Jackson Street, Brackenhurst Alberton.
*Bring rope to secure the props if transported on an open bakkie or trailer.
*NO Props are allowed on the roof of your car.

*Props needs to be transported as per our instructions under the description option on our online shop to prevent damages. 
*In the event that you will be sending a driver to collect the props, please supply his name, make of the car, props. and license plate. This is to ensure the driver collects the correct
*We can deliver. You will be able to select the option on checkout. Prices may change as per petrol / diesel Prices increase / decrease without any prior notice. 
*Please confirm with the Venue if they will accept delivery on a Friday and Collection on a Monday.
We cannot accept responsibility if they do not have secure storage space.
*Final details and numbers must be confirmed within 7 working days of delivery,
thereafter amendments cannot be guaranteed and additional delivery charges may be applicable.
*An authorized company representative is to be on-site to check-in and sign for all items.
Please send the name and contact details 7 days before the event.
*Should all the props not be ready when we collect, you will be liable for any additional trips we will have to make in order to collect the props or you can opt to have the props delivered to us.
* Any outstanding props will be charged per day as per our normal terms and conditions.
*We do not delivery on short notice. All deliveries and collections must be done and paid for 7 days in advance. Delivery & collection will be deleted from your initial booking if not paid in time, without prior notice. 


*We would like to extend the lifetime of our props/linen and in good condition as possible. We would appreciate your
support in the following.
*All Goods hired out are only guaranteed for the actual day of the event, whilst we will try to accommodate special requirements for early delivery, it cannot be guaranteed.
*No bleaches or harsh chemicals to be used on linen or Props.
*I acknowledge I received the above-mentioned items in good order on the above date, all of which will be returned in good order on or before. Failing the return date, I will be liable for a daily hire a charge equivalent to the initial hire stated or until such time as the items are returned or replacement value thereof is paid.
*I agree that in the event of the above items not being returned or damaged beyond repair I will be liable for the replacement values.
*PRESTIK or Double-sided tape is NOT ALLOWED to be used on the props and/or linen. FULL replacement value will be recovered in the event that Prestik was used on any of the props especially fabrics. The full deposit will be withheld in the event double-sided tape was used and props need to be repaired (incl. but not limited to repainting). Safety pins can be used with care.
*All goods to be returned clean, failing which a wash up fee-based on the quantity provided will be charged
*All props must be returned clean and replaced in the packaging as received (either box, material, wrapped in a blanket or plastic bag as received).
*ONLY Chair covers, Scatter Cushion Pillowcases, Runners, and tablecloths need to be washed and return clean. (NOT iron)
*Pocket drapes, Tee Pee LACE Tents, Fluff Carpets, Kiosk Canopies MUST NOT be washed. Please fold them neatly before placing it back in the bags.
*Wipe all Tables (Trestle, Picnic, Jolly Tables / Chairs), Donut / Cupcake Stands, Candy Cart, Ottomans, Chocolate Fountain, etc.) before you return or we collect.
*All linen is washed before delivery/collection. We do not take responsibility if pocket drapes, tablecloths, chair covers were placed on a dirty surface during set-up.
"*The grass Backdrop is fixed to a pole that needs to be attached to the drape pole. PLEASE Do not bend sides of grass around Draping pole
*We will deduct cleaning, washing (where it was the responsibility of the lessee to wash), and damaged or lost Props from the refundable deposit. You will be liable for the outstanding amount in the event that the refundable was not enough as per our terms and conditions.

Care of Equipment: In addition to its other obligations hereunder, Renter shall: Pay a reasonable cleaning charge for items returned dirty. Protect the rented items from weather damage, breakage, unauthorized or improper use, theft or loss whille in possession of renter

You will be repsonsible to offload the props if there is any damages so we can inspect the props and  there is no discprencies as to who damaged the props. 


"We cannot refund any monies paid in the event of a death in the family, sickness, or lock-down (Such as the COVID-19 precautions), however, you can postpone the date of your booking to a later date within a period of 12 months of original booking. Normal terms and conditions apply to the availability of the prop and/or items. Should you want to postpone the date of your booking, forward us your new tentative date (within 12 months of original booking) as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment.


*Props to Hire DO NOT accept any liability for any injuries, loss, or death occurred.
*Dazzling Props to Hire DO NOT accept any liability for any damages that may occur before during or after the loading of goods.
*We will not be held accountable for any delays or damages caused by heavy rainfalls and wind

Hold Harmless Agreement: Renter agrees all risk, and agrees to hold Dazzling Props for hire and any of its staff harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, and damage, and all costs and expenses arising directly and indirectlly at or relating to; The delivery, loading, unloading, erection, installation, dismantling, and use of rented equipment. Contact of underground utilities, pipes, or any condition on renter's property. All necessary surface repairs. Any injury or damage during the use of rented equipment including inflatables, dunk tanks, and any interactive games


The Parties agree that they may obtain personal information during the duration of the Agreement for the fulfilment of the rights and obligations contained herein and may further only process such information for the specific purposes of complying with their obligations in terms of this Agreement. 

The Parties agree that if personal information will be processed for additional purposes beyond the original purpose for which it was obtained, explicit written consent must be obtained beforehand from the other Party. 

Performing the obligations as set out in this Agreement, the Parties shall at all times:  comply with the provisions of all laws, which regulate the protection of personal data, including but not limited to the Protection of Personal Information  Comply with all laws, policies, and procedures relating to the protection, storage, handling, privacy, processing and retention of data as well as the destruction of data, including personal data; ▪ ensure that it shall not sell, offer for sale or dispose of or attempt to dispose of or create or allow the encumbrance over any personal data; ▪ ensure that it does not disclose personal data other than in terms of this Agreement; ▪ ensure that it processes data for only the express purpose for which it was obtained; ▪ ensure that it has all reasonable technical and organizational measures in place to protect the personal data from unauthorized access and/or use.

Thank you for your co-operation and ongoing support